iphone 7 Should You upgrade from iphone 5 series or 6 series ?


should i upgrade to iphone 7

Apple recently launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in India with a starting price of whopping sixty thousand. IPhone 7 series features improved camera, water proofing and a new processor. Do these improvements makes iPhone 7 a worthy upgrade ?. Considering the huge amount you have to spend on buying  iphone 7 lets see whether you should upgrade or  wait for the next version? Your decision depends on what mobile you are using right now.

If you are an iPhone 4 (4S) or iphone5 (5s) user.

IPhone 7 has much better features in all departments comparing to the five series. Seven offers a bigger screen compared to 5 series and the plus version even bigger one. Now a day’s most of the internet content is used in mobiles and iPhone 5 series screen is bit smaller for this purpose. Watching YouTube, browsing through Face book or for reading email you need a bigger screen. IPhone 7 offers a 4.7 inch screen which is big enough for this purpose. its is also easier to use with one hand. If you can handle the size of the plus version its even better. You can watch the videos and images in 5.5 inch  Full HD screen of iPhone 7 plus.

Photography Enthusiasts using iPhone 5s or below

For photography enthusiasts the seven series is must upgrade. IPhone 5 and 5s had 8MP camera and iPhone 7 offers improved 12 megapixel sensor. Which is more sensitive to light and the lens has an aperture setting of 1.8. Because of this the lens allows more light to hit the sensor resulting in better camera performance in low light situations like  indoors or night shots.

IPhone 7 plus offers a dual camera system. It has two cameras on the back side with different lenses. One camera module has a wide angle lens and the other one is a tele lens for close-up shots. This is not a ground breaking feature as this can be achieved by moving forward or backward towards your subjects. Yes it’s useful when you have less space to move. Apple promises to bring effects like artificial bokeh using these dual cameras but as of now this feature is not available.

Most of the time people shoot video with mobiles held in their hands. This may result in shaky videos due to hand movement. Optical image stabilization helps in reducing camera shakes resulting clearer videos. Till now only on plus versions of iPhones OIS was available. In the seven series both seven and seven plus gets the OIS. IPhone 7 scores over 5 series in this aspect.


If you are a mobile gamer you will appreciate iPhone 7s improved processor which will take care of all the heavy games with ease. Also this will ensure that it can easily run performance hungry apps and future OS updates. IPhone 7 offers ip67 water resistance .

We can see that iPhone seven offers great performance improvement over iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s like improved camera, screen and processor . These features makes iPhone 7 a worthy upgrade if you like to stay with iOS eco system. But if you can consider Android phones there are lots of phones which will give you the same features at much lesser cost.


Upgrading form iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s series to iphone 7

iPhone 6 slim design

There are not many compelling reasons to upgrade from the six series  iPhones. Seven series has physical dimensions just like six series. Only antenna lines have changed a bit. Putting a cover makes it almost indistinguishable between them. People were expecting a high resolution organic led screen for this year’s version. But apple continued with the same resolution LCD screen just like  iPhone 6 series.


IPhone 7’s camera is better than iPhone 6, but only marginally better when compared with  iPhone 6s. If you are a casual photo taker you may not notice the difference easily. For photography enthusiast who wants the best quality images from mobile  iphone 7 is a must upgrade especially seven plus model.

dual rear cameras of iphone


iPhone 7 comes with newer generation A10 fusion chip set which is very powerful. IPhones 6s features  A9 chip which also offers great performance .  In normal usage you won’t find much difference in performance between them .But performance hungry apps like games with heavy graphics you may notice the difference.For gaming enthusiasts iphone 7 offers  performance difference over iphone 6. And future games which may push the processors further iphone 7  is a good upgrade .


So iPhone 7 is a must upgrade for people currently using the five series the iphone 5 and 5s or anything lower. If you are an avid mobile gamer or photography enthusiast using iPhone 6 or 6s upgrade is justified . For normal users with iPhone 6 or s6s can wait for next year’s release  will be bringing a major redesign.




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