TPA3110 bluetooth amplifier Review

This is a easy to setup TPA3110 bluetooth amplifier board based on TPA3110 class D chip . Although its a very small board it provides very good quality audio out like any TI class D chips .


TPA3110 bluetooth amplifier Build

A bluetooth board is pre soldered to the amplifier board . you just have to attach the wires to speaker outs , audio inputs and power supply. which makes it very to setup .

Although the size of the tpa3110 bluetooth amplifier board is very small it provides 15w in each channel to a 8ohm speaker with a 16 v power supply . i tried it with a 18v laptop charger and and it worked fine . This board works with a wide variety of voltage from 8V to 24V. you can use this in cars .

when you powerup a blue led lights up and bluetooth recivers starts . most of the bluetooh boards i bought from aliexprees used to announce the blue tooth connection in chinese but this board use english .

TPA3110 bluetooth amplifier Sound quality

sound quality of this board is very good at this price range highs are clear . mid range is also good only place i found this one lacking is the bass department .

TPA3110 bluetooth board gives very good power output and very easy to setup you can use this to make sound bars, portable bluetooth speakers and to convert old speakers to bluetooth enabled ones.

To buy from ali express Product – TZT Bluetooth 4.2 TPA3110 15w+15W Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board Module 12V-24V car for USB Speaker,Portable Speaker

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