How to shoot macro photos with mobile phone and lens attachment


We all get wonder struck by those amazing macro shots of insects and flowers. And most budding photographers wanted to try macro shots but the cost of equipment was a big deterrent. Macro lens, DSLR, and lighting were too costly for most of people to afford. But now macro photography is in the reach every one with this cheep equipment … Mobile macro lens. Mobile macro lens cost just Rs.250 onward and it’s easily available on most of the online sites like Amazon , flipkart or eBay .

How it works
most mobiles has a limitation to focus closely. So it won’t focus the object very near .Macro lens attachments helps the phone camera to focus closely. You can move the camera to touching distance. So you can get really close-up pictures.

How to take macros with lens attachment
just lens clip to your mobile camera and move the phone closely to your subject. Move the phone very slowly towards the subject. Become most of the bugs get scared and flies or jumps away if they notice the movement. Always try to shoot in the morning time with sufficient light. Direct sunlight may make your pics look harsh.

mobile macro photography


Advantages over DSLR
Mobile and clip on lens cost weigh like a DSLR and macro lens. So you can handle it’s easily than the DSLR. And macro lens attachments costs just 250 to 500 where a least costly macro lens will set you back by 25000 and you need a DSLR or mirror less camera that will be another 25000.
Disadvantage over DSLR
DSLR has bigger sensors compared to phones so the produce better images. If light is less phone images will have lots of noise unlike the DSLR.

So if you are a beginner in macro photography and you don’t want to spend much on equipment mobile macro lens is the way to go. It will give you a taste of macro photography.



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