How to sell used item through olx very fast


Some years back it was very difficult to buy and sell used items due to lack of reach of enquiries . You were limited to  your neighbourhood customers  but sites like Olx changed the scenario . Now you can find lots of customers for your used item . Here are some strategies to sell things fast through olx.

1. Price it right

Most important thing is pricing . Search olx and find for how much others are selling the item (in almost same condition and age ). Keep your price similar or just a shade lower than that . This will bring fast response from buyers . For example if you are selling a bike through olx search for the price of that particular model, which has the same year of manufacturing and kilometers clocked and is in a similar visual condition . If most of them have priced it around 40000 put the price as 39000 . Customers often use olx to get good bargains so seeing the price more enquiries will come to your advertisement . Higher the enquires faster the sales .

2.put a nice pic of your item

pic with and with out flash
olx photography

The first thing which attracts customers is the picture of the product. You don’t need expensive digital cameras to make good picture of your  products. If your item is small in size like a cell phone or a watch keep it in a white paper or black cloth . Always Keep the background clean . Don’t use flash .

Using flash will make the item look bad . direct flash of mobiles and digital cameras make images flat and it pops up unnecessary dents and imperfections . For small items place it near a window and take the picture .If it’s a big item like car or bike wash it properly and take a picture placing it near a clean wall or near a paddy field . Ideal time to take outdoor pictures is morning or just befor evening. One thing is for sure nice picture will always fetch customers faster .


3.Don’t do panic selling

There are many people who want to trick you selling your item at very small price . Don’t panic and sell, but be ready to offer a small percentage reduction as most of the buyers get satisfied only when they get a price lower than advertised . There will be always a buyer for your price so don’t panic and sell .

4. Make sure that your buyer is genuine .

Ask for address and facebook profile . In most cases You can find the facebook profile by searching the phone number . Don’t give the item without getting full amount . Meet the buyer in a safe place for the delivery of item.

5. Be Honest

Don’t give wrong information about you product . Like year of purchase or defects . You may get enquires but it will be difficult to convert them to sale when the customers see the product and inspect them . with the right stratagies you can sell used goods through olx very fast and the price you wanted . 




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