Mi Max 2 first impressions – Big screen Media performer


The big screen Mi Max 2 is xiaomi’s latest launch in India. Mi Max 2 comes with an enormous 6.4 inch Full HD display which is the main highlight of this phone. Mi Max 2 is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB of ram. Internal storage is 64MB and this is the only option is available in India right now.

Size of the phone

The first question you will get about MI Max 2 is how big  is it and is it usable with one hand. Yes indeed it’s a big phone 6.4 inches screen puts it in tablet territory .  The phone is slim and bezels are thin making it holdable in one hand. It will easily slip in to your shirts or trousers pocket. Travelling on bike with this in your trouser pocket is not an issue. It may be bit uncomfortable for people who use skin fit jeans. Overall the size is manageable with one hand. But operating it with one hand is difficult unless you have huge hand . Even with medium size fingers it’s difficult to cover the screen. Mi has provided one hand mode which shrinks the screen to smaller sizes so you can operate Mi max 2 with one hand.

Processor, ram and storage

Snapdragon 625 offers reasonably good power to run  every day apps and there is no hangs or stutters while using the phone. Mi Max 2 offers 4GB of ram and 64 GB of internal memory . In 4 GB around 1.2 GB RAM is  free for most of the time. In 64 GB of storage 53 GB is available initially.


Mi was highlighting the camera as it sports Sony IMX386 sensor with relative big pixel size of 1.25 microns which has the capability of producing better images in low light.  But initial tests are not encouraging especially in low light.


Battery performance

Mi max 2 offered awesome battery performance as it features a huge 5300mah battery. Combined with snapdragon 625 processor which uses less power mi max 2 offers great battery performance. You can expect minimum two days usage .

Mi max 2 comes with android nougat 7.1 and MIUI 8.5 interface. MIUI adds lots of features to this phone. And performance is really good. There is  no lags or stuttering. I have not tried games and I cannot say how good it is for gaming. Another great feature is the stereo speakers which offer really nice sound and it can go very loud too.

Overall it’s a great device to use if you can handle the size. I will be posting a full review after using it for some more time

Here is a video comparing Mi Max 2 size with other phones



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