Mi 5x vs Redmi note 4 is it worth the upgrade ?



Rumors are going around the net about the launch of a new MI device with a dual camera setup on fifth september . And most of the tech sites predicts it will be MI 5x. Redmi note 4  shook up the Indian mobile market with its  great configuration  at a lower price .  And this made MI note 4 The number one selling phone in Indian Market . Now the current trend is of dual camera phones and Mi is planing to enter with  MI 5X.  But is it a significant upgrade to Redmi Note 4 ?. Here is  a Mi 5x Vs Redmi Note 4 spec comparison.

mi 5x vs redmi note 4

Mi 5x Vs Redmi note 4 what’s similar

Both the phones are powered by same chip set, Snapdragon 625 , has same 4GB of ram and 32 and 64 GB of internal storage options. Note 4 and mi 5x has 5.5 inch full HD LCD screen. And as  it shares the same chipset most of the features are same. Snapdragon 625 combined with 4 GB RAM has enough power to run the MIUI smoothly.

mi 5x vs redmi note 4

Mi 5x Vs Redmi note 4 what’s the difference

The major difference and the highlight of the Mi 5x is the dual rear cameras. Redmi note 4 was not a well regarded camera performer. And Mi 5X want to improving the camera performance by providing dual 12 MP sensors with larger pixel size of 1.25 microns. Camera samples shared by Mi shows good quality photos with nice details and colors . They also shows DSLR like effects like good background blur in portraits . Another noteworthy difference is that MI 5x  have a smaller capacity battery of 3080 mAh compared to Note 4’s huge 4100 mAh battery. So don’t expect battery life like Redmi Note 4.But this enables the MI 5x to go slightly thinner.

mi 5x vs redmi note 4




Is it worth upgrading Redmi note 4 to Mi 5X?

If you are a photography enthusiast then twin cameras with better sensor will be beneficial. The twin camera module will produce photos with background blur a feature most photography lovers look for . And the higher pixel sensors are supposed to perform better in low light .  But if you give more importance to battery life Redmi note 4 will be ideal. Especially if you are travelling a lot or using web or media heavily. Although the 5X looks sleek and modern it looks like the iphone 7 plus just like most of the current introductions . If you dont bother the me too looks its a nice thin and sleek phone .

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Mi 5X

Redmi Note 4


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