How to make DIY 5.1 Amplifier

In this project we will see how to make DIY 5.1 amplifier for home theatre system . 5.1 amplifier have 6 channels for the surround . Two for front speakers two for back surround speakers . One for the centre channel and one for sub woofer .

diy 5.1 amplifier

Here we are using 3 stereo modules , each module provides two channels making it totally six channels. we have selected TPA3116D2 modules as these produce very good sound at very less price . Each module produce 100 w per channel to 2 ohm load. We can get around 40w clean watts per channel to 4 or 8 ohm load .


Things you need for this diy 5.1 amplifier

  • TPA3116D2 stereo boards three units
  • RCA 6 channel connector one unit
  • Speaker out spring connector 2 out three units
  • cabinet
  • smps power supply 24v 350w

I have used a metal cabinet , you can use any cabinet of your choice.

5.1 cabinet

Now you have to drill holes to place the Amplifier boards and the power supply .

5.1 boards

I am staking the board’s here . But if you have a bigger cabinet you can mount the boards separate for better air circulation . Since these are class D these will not produce much heat .

Now you have to make the connections . Solder the inputs from Amplifier board to the RCA connectors and connect the speaker out terminals of the board to speaker out connector .Do the same for all three boards . Now fix the boards to the cabinet . And connect the RCA and speaker out to the cabinet .

tpa3116 amplifier board

For power supply you can use smps based supply of 24v 15amps . I found it’s sounds better with 20v power input so you can adjust the pot and reduce the supply to 20v .

5.1 amplifier connection

Connect the power supply to the boards and connect the mains supply to the SMPS . Your 5.1 amp is almost ready . connect the speakers according to the diagram to your PC or DVD or Blue ray with a 5.1 Analogue out .And enjoy your movies in full surround sound . its very easy to make and provides very good quality sound . If you have a much more powerful sub speaker you can use a higher wattage mono board for the Sub woofer .

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  • 19th February 2019 at 11:25 pm

    Chetta, 5.1 amplifier assemble cheydu kodukkumo (sale on request).

  • 3rd March 2019 at 9:42 am

    how much it will cost?


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