Home theater set up under 15000 with LCD projector and 5.1 surround.


Do you Love movies and want to watch them in big screen at home ?. That too without spending loads of money ?. Here’s how to setup a home theater under 15000 with LCD projector and 5.1 Dolby surround sound . There are three parts of the home theater system. The Projector, Player,and Surround sound system . Since we have to squeeze all the three under 15000 we will be using a economic projector. Big screen TVs and high end projectors will cost much more than our budget. For player and surround we will be using a HTIB ie Home Theater in a Box.


Projector – UNIC 1200 lm LED Corded Portable Projector


This projector is one of the best selling projectors in amazon India and this provides a projection up to 130 inches. Which is a great size screen projection to enjoy your movie. But keep one thing in mind to get good picture quality your room should be dark, just like a movie hall .  It also has a native resolution  of 800 x 480 which is good enough resolution for our budget.


Player and surround

As we have to be in the budget  for home theater under 15000 Instead of going for separate player and surround system we are using a single unit  Philips 5.1 HTD3509/94. This player can play DVDs and your movie files form USB disks . This player supports surround formats like Dolby Digital. So if you have DVDs or files encoded with Dolby digital you will get true surround sound . Its  easier to set up as this is a single unit. You don’t have to worry about all the connections  .



Setting up is very easy, just connect your projector to player with a HDMI cable. And setup the speakers as instructed . You have to keep the front surrounds speakers in both sides of the projected area and two rear surrounds in back corners of the room . Keep the central speaker in the center bottom  of projected area . You can keep the sub woofer anywhere in the room as low frequency sounds are non directional .

Most important thing for this setup to work perfectly is the lighting condition of the room. You need a dark room for good quality video . So select a room where you can easily block the light with curtains etc. Black thick curtains can work perfect. Now you have the best setup of  home theater under 15000 . Call your friends make some pop cones and enjoy the movies at home .





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