Which DSLR to buy under 25000.


canon 1300d vs nikon d3300

If you are interested in photography and planning to take it to the next step an entry level DSLR will be your best option under 25000. Your friends  may say that you should go for a mirrorless system but there are not much  mirror less cams available in India in this price range .  Many companies like Canon,  Nikon,Sony,Pentax etc are  offering good entry level DSLRs but it’s better to stick with the popular brands like Canon or Nikon as the availability of lens and other accessories is much better for them. Even the entry level lenses are cheaper from Nikon and Canon compared to other brands. Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300 are two good entry level DSLR options under 25000. Both are excellent cams which can produce great image quality like their higher priced models .


Sensor is the most important thing in a camera , 1300D offers a 18MP sensor and Nikon a 24MP sensor . But it doesn’t mean that Nikon will produce images far superior than Canon. It needs high quality lenses which costs two to three times as the camera to utilize the full potential of this sensor . And megapixel matters only if you print huge sized prints, for normal prints and web use you may not notice the difference between these sensors .

AF points

Generally more AF points enables better  Autofocus performance . Especially if you are shooting a moving subject like a bird in flight . Here D3300 has a slight advantage as it has 11 AF points compared to canon 1300Ds 9 AF points .

Microphone input

Nikon D3300 has a microphone input jack so that you can connect an external microphone during video recording . It’s a very useful stuff if you are planning to do lots of video recording for youtube etc.

Memory cards

Both use sd cards . Use a high transfer rate cards if you planing to record video with these cams

Ease of use

Both of the cams are small in size and easy to use . And they have enough control buttons for a beginner to fiddle with . Although you have to get into submenus to adjust some settings it’s ok for starters .

File transfer

Canon 1300d has wifi support with Nikon you have to buy a separate adaptor costing 2600 . Wifi is important if you want to share your shots immediately. With 1300 you can transfer the pictures to your mobile and share it immediately. With Nikon either you have to connect a cable to pc or use a card reader . Now a days there are many good apps like snapseed available i n mobile which makes editing of the picture very easy so having wifi is an advantage

Both Canon 1300D and Nikon D3300 offer similar functions and features as you expect from a entry level camera . And they are more than enough to produce great quality pictures. If you are planning to make huge prints Nikon has a slight advantage . If you are plan to take pics in a vacation and to share them immediately  go for the Canon .



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