How to make a DIY TPA3116D2 amplifier with bluetooth ,FM, USB with remote control

You can easily make a powerful amplifier which offers 60W+60W out put . And that too with Bluetooth, FM, and USB and memory card support . We are using a TPA3116D2 amplifier board which is easy to connect. All you have to do is just screw on some wires its that easy to build . This DIY TPA3116d2 amplifier offers very good sound quality .

tpa3116d2 amplifier review

What you need

  1. TPA3116D2 all in one board
  2. A Cabinet of your choice
  3. a speaker out connector
  4. a acrylic front plate

The build

DIY TPA3116D2 amplifier board is very small sized and you dont need a big cabinet for this . A acrylic front plate for the amplifier can be obtained from plastic and acrylic laser cutting shops. You need two openings on the front plate to access remote sensor , USB drive and memory card . Make holes on the cabinet to place the board and fasten it with nuts and bolts . Make sure that the position you place the board on the cabinet should align with openings on the front panel .

diy tpa3116d2

After fixing the board on cabinet fix the speaker connectors and connect them to the speaker out of the board . Connect the red connector to the speaker out of the board marked positive . Now connect both the channels like that . After this fix the front plate to the cabinet .


For power supply you can use any laptop charger. 18 or 19 v 3 amp supply is ideal . You can also use linear power supply or SMPS based power supply of 18 to 22V .

Diy tpa3116D2

After all the connection you can power it up a led will light up. Now you will be able to connect it to your mobile . You can change the mode to FM or USB with the remote . If you are unable to listen FM clearly you can solder a wire to the board where it written FM .

tpa3116d2 bluetooth amplifier

This board provides exceptional sound quality for the price . It plays MP3 and uncompressed formats like FLAC . The mids and highs are the highlight of this amplifier. And it provides sufficient bass also . A slight high frequency hiss can be felt like most of the TPA3116D2 amplifier boards . One negative point i observed is the lack of a aux connector . But if your purpose is to play using bluetooth or USB and FM. Its an ideal board you can use this to make nice bluetooth speaker. You can power bookshelf speakers or even tower speakers .

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