Make a High Resolution music player with Raspberry Pi DAC board

You can easily make a very good music player with  a raspberry pi DAC board that can rival DACs and players costing many times . This combo of raspberry pi and DAC board can  play music from the network. And  you can remote control it with a  phone or any device with a browser in your network. And all these can be done in less than 70 usd .


For this you need a Raspberry Pi and DAC add-on board . Raspberry Pi 3  is ideal but you can use  Raspberry Pi 2 if you have one.   But with Raspberry Pi2  you will have to buy a Wi-Fi adaptor as it doesn’t have Wi-Fi support. Raspberry pi 3 will cost around 35 usd

The DAC i have used is a i2s Dac based on pcm5122 called Pifi DAC plus  which is basically a clone of Hifiberry DAC. You can buy this from Ali express or Banggood for less than 20 usd

Building of the device is very easy as it doesn’t involve any soldering and all you have to do is connect the DAC board to the pi using pins on it just press them together and your hardware part is over . 


Use any 5v USB power supply for powering the combo. But get a good quality charger as it improves the sound quality .

You can get acrylic case from alex press for less than 500 rupees or you can put it in any cabinet you like. This combo is so small that you can easily fit that into your amplifier cabinet 


we will be using volumio software to make this player . to install volumio we have to download the iso image from volumios site .

After downloading the image you have to flash this to the sd card . For that you can use a free software called etcher 
Download etcher from here

Install Etcher in your pc and connect your  Micro SD card to it with a card reader . Now select the volumio image you selected earlier and flash it 

Now you can put this card in raspberry pi and power it on . You have to wait for few minutes for first boot . Volumio will create a wifi hotspot. Now search your mobile or laptops wifi and you will find a network called volumio. Connect to it the default password for this network is volumio2 . 

After connecting open your browser and type or via http://volumio.local

You will be presented with a setup menu in that select your DAC as audio output device .After finishing the setup you will get the player interface . You can select your music from USB devices attached or you can connect to the local network and brows for shared music . And this player can also stream audio from supported devices.

Building a Raspberry pi music player is very easy and the sound quality it provides is amazing for the money you spend . So make a great music player which will surprise your friends who spends a lot for dacs and players

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