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If you are looking for best camera phone under 20000 you will find yourself in a tight spot. There are many phones in this price category which claims to be great for mobile photography. But in real life the performance is not up to the mark. And most of them give too much importance towards the selfie camera rather than back camera.

One of the myths associated with mobile cameras is that the more megapixels the better the performance but it’s not true. For great camera performance the sensor should have big sized pixels. Most of the camera phones under 20000 use sensors which have small pixel size. This affects the low light and night performance. But there are some phones which are having very good cameras in this budget. With good pixel size, lens, and customized software for mobile photography. Introductory price for these models were much higher for both these phones. And now they are available under 20000. Let’s see the contenders for best smart phone under 20000.

Best camera phone under 20000 iOS: iPhone SE

iPhones are known for the flagship quality cameras. iPhone SE offers the same rear camera system as the iPhone 6s but at a much lower price. It has the same 12 megapixel sensor as iPhone 6S and Apples camera software is one of the best available. This gives you great performance in bright and low light conditions. This camera hardware was the best  when iPhone 6s was introduced. iPhone SE also has the same processor and hardware as iPhone 6s. But with a smaller body and display. Performance is top notch for iPhone SE with the same chipset and RAM. All these features make iPhone SE the best camera phone under 20000 if you like IOS.

best camera phone under 20000


If you are a selfie addict skip this phone as it has only 2 megapixel front camera. If you are used to big screen phones you may not like the small four inch screen of iPhone SE. It’s not good to watch videos and browsing websites. iPhone SE is a single sim phone just like any Apple phones. If you want to use two connections this not the phone for you. There is no option for expandable storage so you are limited to inbuilt storage. There are these disadvantages with iPhone SE but if your main purpose is mobile photography this  is the best camera phone under 20000.

Best Camera phone under 20000 Android: Honor 8

Honor 8 has great Dual Camera setup with laser Auto focus which is similar to Huweai flagship P9. It has a 12MP sensor with Pixel size of 1.25u. The dual setup has one color and one monochrome camera both takes photos together. These color and monochrome images are mixed in software to give you better details in picture. Also they work together to produce better low light photos (but don’t expect low light pics like Samsung s8 or iPhone 7). The monochrome camera works as a depth sensor too. It can measure the depth between camera and object to produce amazing effects achievable only on DSLRs like bokeh .

best camera phone under 2000



Honor 8 dot have optical image stabilization so video may have some jerking. If you take video while moving there may be jerking. And just like iPhone SE , Honor 8 is also a single sim phone. Both iPhone SE and Honor 8 offers great camera performance. According to you OS preference you can opt for one. Both won’t disappoint you in camera department. So pick you option and happy clicking

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